Courtney is an interdisciplinary artist with a primary focus in photography, video, and performance art. Her artwork is commonly influenced by her dance and healing arts background, using her body as a tool in merging a mind + body connection.

Often, her work takes on an introspective lens, focusing on uncovering the psyche and releasing build-up of energy through different forms of actions.

She tends to explore themes of the human connection of nature + mother, mind + body relationship, sexuality, and raw physicality of the body + voice.

Her recent performance work is inspired by the Ecofeminist movement, which focuses on the connection between human and Earth that draws out a raw visceral experience for herself and its viewers.

Courtney has earned a Bachelors in Fine Arts at the University of Victoria in Victoria, B.C. She has shown work academically through university and internationally at video art festivals such as, Atlanta Dance Collective’s Opine Dance Festival, Festival Miden in Greece, and Integrate Arts Festival in Victoria, B.C.

Peak into her process and follow her work on Instagram or Vimeo.