Courtney is an artist living in Seattle,Washington

"… I am particularly drawn to exploring the body through different actions. By using my own body as a medium of exploration, I use it as an internal source for expression, in the hopes of shaping it into another form…"

Courtney loves to work in many forms including video, photography, dance and performance art. Growing up as a dancer, she practices therapeutic body-based art often incorporating themes of the environment and a mind-body connection. Often, her work takes on an introspective lens, focusing on uncovering the psyche and releasing build-up of energy through different forms of actions. She tends to explore themes of the human connection of nature + mother, mind + body relationship, sexuality, and raw physicality of the body + voice.

She has earned a Bachelors of Fine Arts at the University of Victoria with a major in Visual Arts in Victoria, B.C. She has shown work academically through university at the UVic Audain Gallery and internationally, at art festivals such as, Atlanta Dance Collective’s Opine Dance Festival, Festival Miden in Greece, and Integrate Arts Festival in Victoria, B.C. Currently working in the arts, she is passionate about bringing the arts to the community and values the healing benefits of art-making.